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Wound Up

I met with David Donovan of Independent Australia to discuss video content for his publication. It was decided that Wined Up would spearhead IA's multimedia production and that I would present a program of political satire. I decided on a play of Wined Up and Wound Up was born. What started out as a 100% solo effort now involves numerous contributors and supporters.

Wound Up 1 - The Pilot
Not having done any previous presentation to video I decided on a formated look for the production involving chroma key green screen with virtual studio and flatscreen, lower third name graphic and animated titles. I used comments recently made by the new Prime Minister regarding climate change as the foundation for the content and off I went.

Wound Up 2
For Wound Up 2 I decided to act out a scenario involving the PM and a mystery earpiece that he periodically wears and appeal to Bill Shorten's kidnappers to let him go.

Wound Up 3
In Wound Up 3 I correctly foretold the government's desire to change the education curriculum.

Wound Up 4
More of the same with a look at John Howard and Bronwyn Bishop

Wound Up 5
Simple self-therapy, Scott Morrison the part-time spruiker, Joe Hockey's crocodile tears and Torture Tony all go into this episode of Wound Up.

Wound Up 6
Tony Abbott off to a stella start in his career of international statesman. Sorry seems to be the hardest word for Tony and the tweets of Mark Textor.

Wound Up 7
Carbon tax, broken promises and my debut signing for Tony Abbott!

Wound Up 8
In this episode of Wound Up I feature a "vox pops" video inspired by a letter penned by Victoria Rollison. l also present "The Hide" performed by Clinton McRobert.

Wound Up 9
In this episode of Wound Up I was lucky to interview Joseph Ananas from the JFK Institute.

Wound Up 10
In this episode of Wound Up I try my hand at making still pictures appear to talk, animating a picture of Cory Bernardi for a segment I called, "Ask Cory".

Wound Up 11
In this episode I try my hand at singing with "Coalition Blues". I wrote the lyrics with some input then with a tune in my head recorded a vocal track and sent it to a blues musician to record a backing track. He changed the key and slowed the tempo then I recorded the final vocal track. Amazing that you can record a song with someone never having to meet them.



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